The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Out-of-State Moving Company


Embarking on an interstate or long-distance relocation can be an incredibly daunting and stressful endeavor. You likely feel overwhelmed just thinking about the logistics of safely transporting your entire life to a new home in another state. Choosing the right long-distance moving company to entrust this monumental task to is one of the most crucial decisions you will make for your move.

This is a partner that will literally handle your most valuable possessions and treasured belongings as they traverse hundreds or thousands of miles. Selecting a mover with the experience, skills, and commitment to customer service required for a smooth interstate move requires diligent research and understanding your specific needs.

Rushing into the decision blindly or settling for the first low-cost option you come across could put your move at risk. This guide will walk you step-by-step through the key factors to consider when evaluating potential moving companies for your long-distance relocation. Taking the time upfront to make an informed decision ensures you can choose an expert mover that earns your trust and gives you confidence in their ability to execute a seamless, stress-free move.

Understanding Your Unique Moving Needs

Assessment of Belongings

The first step is conducting a comprehensive assessment of everything that will need to be moved. Walk through each room of your home, garage, attic, and outdoor spaces methodically, cataloging essential furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing, kitchen items, decorations, and general household possessions. Note the quantity and size of each category. This complete inventory allows moving companies to provide accurate estimates based on the entire volume and weight of items being relocated.

Also make note of any specialty items like large exercise equipment, antiques, artwork, pianos, pool tables, safes, or vehicles that will require special handling or equipment like cranes. Providing details on fragile valuables and cherished possessions enables movers to tailor recommendations and solutions to give these items white-glove service door-to-door. An accurate inventory ensures no possessions get overlooked and that you get quotes tailored to your unique long-distance moving needs.

Specialized Services

Beyond just standard loading and transportation, outline any specialized services you may need for your interstate move. These include:

  • Professional packing by the movers to ensure proper materials and techniques are used to protect your belongings.
  • Temporary climate controlled storage if your new home won’t be ready when you need to vacate your current one.
  • Vehicle transport for reliably relocating your cars across state lines.
  • Crane or lift rental for safely loading heavy specialty items.
  • Extra protection services for fragile valuables like artwork, mirrors, pianos etc.

Detailing your desired services allows movers to incorporate these costs into quotes and recommend providers they partner with for add-ons like storage units. Your personalized needs guide what solutions they recommend to make the end-to-end moving process worry-free.

Evaluating Company Reputation and Experience

Assessing Company Reputation

A mover’s reputation and standing in the industry should weigh heavily in your decision. Start by checking their rating and complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Well-regarded long distance moving companies will have overwhelmingly positive feedback and an A+ BBB rating.

Scour online reviews on objective third-party sites, not just testimonials on the company’s website. Look for consistent praise of their professionalism, responsiveness, transparent pricing, and careful handling of cherished possessions. You want to see a pattern of delivering quality service and avoiding common complaints.

Research any honors or certifications from organizations like the American Moving & Storage Association that indicate the company adheres to high ethical and operational standards. Avoid movers with a trail of red flags and unresolved complaints.

Experience with Long-Distance Relocations

Look for movers with at least 5-10 years specifically handling interstate and long-haul moves. An established track record with cross-country relocations shows they have refined expertise in navigating challenges like:

  • Managing extensive licensing, insurance, permits for all states involved.
  • Planning optimal transportation routes across vast distances.
  • Keeping items safeguarded with climate-controlled trucks.
  • Coordinating communication across states and time zones.

This level of specialized long-distance moving experience brings invaluable peace of mind.

The Power of Customer Reviews

Evaluating Review Patterns

While skimming overall star ratings is helpful, prioritize reading through detailed customer reviews. Focus specifically on feedback pertaining to long-distance or interstate moves. Look for consistent patterns of satisfaction around:

  • Professionalism and responsiveness of the moving team.
  • Timeliness and schedule adherence.
  • Proactive communication every step.
  • Resolving of issues or damages.
  • Reasonable costs with no hidden fees.

Gaining Insights from Experiences

Note constructive critiques from customers on where the company could improve. No mover is perfect, but you want to see a willingness to make things right. Additionally, pay attention to stories of excellent service above and beyond expectations – this conveys a lot about their commitment to customer satisfaction. By learning from real experiences, you gain a true sense of what to expect.

Comparing Quotes and Estimates

Itemized Quote Specifics

Get guaranteed binding quotes from at least 3 potential movers outlining anticipated costs including:

  • Transportation and projected mileage.
  • Packing materials and labor.
  • Inventory of items factored into weight estimate.
  • Insurance, taxes, and any other fees.

Avoid vague quotes lacking in details. Reputable movers provide transparency upfront through itemized quotes. This allows you to accurately compare bids.

Cross-Referencing Quotes

Pay attention to not only bottom line costs but the level of detail provided on the estimated charges. Ensure quotes align with the inventory you submitted. Look for major discrepancies between movers or quotes substantially lower than competitors that seem “too good to be true.” Being diligent now prevents surprise costs later.

Verifying Licensing and Insurance

Importance of the Verification Process

Do not take chances with unlicensed or uninsured movers. Verify that any company under consideration has valid USDOT and MC numbers registered with the FMCSA. Cross-check for no open violations on and your state’s transportation databases.

Request to see current certificates of general liability insurance, valuations coverage, and cargo insurance that protects your items in transit. Requiring proof of proper licensing and insurance ensures you are legally protected and avoids scams.

The Role of Customer Service and Communication

Assessing Initial Customer Service Interactions

You can gain key insights into a company’s quality right from initial interactions. When inquiring about long-distance moving services, they should be readily available to answer questions and guide you through the process. Seek friendly, prompt, and attentive customer service when requesting quotes.

Responsiveness, active listening to understand your needs, transparency about pricing, and maintaining ongoing communication are hallmarks of a customer-focused mover invested in your satisfaction. Valuing communication reduces headaches.


Undertaking an interstate relocation is complex, but identifying the ideal long-distance moving partner does not have to be stressful. By leveraging this guide’s advice on research, reviews, referrals, assessing needs, obtaining quotes, and verifying credentials, you can strategically evaluate your options.

Investing time upfront provides the confidence of choosing a mover that consistently delivers seamless, affordable, and worry-free long-distance moves tailored to your specific requirements. With their expertise guiding you, your interstate relocation is sure to go smoothly. For personalized service from a mover you can trust, choose American Way Moving today!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do I assess the volume of my belongings for an accurate estimate?
Explore methods for evaluating the size and weight of your items to provide moving companies with accurate information for estimates.

2. What specialized services should I consider for my long-distance move?
Discuss the importance of evaluating specialized services like packing, storage, and fragile item handling based on individual needs and preferences.

3. How can I use online resources to research potential moving companies?
Provide tips on utilizing online platforms, official websites, and customer reviews to thoroughly research and identify reputable moving companies.

4. Why is reputation crucial when choosing a moving company?
Explain the significance of opting for a moving company with a solid reputation and how it can impact the overall moving experience.

5. What should I look for in customer reviews?
Guide readers on navigating customer review platforms and understanding the insights gained from both positive and negative experiences.

6. How do I effectively compare quotes from different moving companies?
Offer a step-by-step guide on comparing quotes, emphasizing the importance of detailed and comprehensive estimates.

7. What red flags or hidden costs should I be aware of in the quoting process?
Discuss potential warning signs or hidden costs that readers should be vigilant about when receiving and comparing quotes.

8. How can I verify the licensing and insurance credentials of a moving company?
Provide a verification process to ensure that the chosen moving company is properly licensed and insured for legal and financial protection.

9. What role does customer service play in a long-distance move?
Assess the importance of customer service and communication when selecting a moving company and ensuring a smooth relocation process.

10. What are the key considerations in making an informed decision when choosing a moving company for a long-distance move?
Summarize the critical factors, including reputation, experience, and customer reviews, that readers should prioritize to make informed decisions for their out-of-state move.

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